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what a fun party
i guess ill figure out how to draw hair later
Going to cons is like the greatest, but it leaves me feeling equal parts insecure and inspired. 
also, hello internet- i’ve missed you.


Hey guys, sorry- no Lazy this week. Next week, hopefully. But I’m starting a new job on monday, so I expect to be posting a little more sporadically. This week I’m just going through frustrating art stuff and I don’t much feel like puttin anythin online.

Love and hugs.

The Curious Incident of the Cupcake in the Night-Time
My oral surgeon is sassy as hell.
I am experimenting! I want to have more organic, textured, loose art. I like how this turned out!
I await the “use your butt” jokes.

Don’t know why I keep forgetting to mention this!! There is totally a Lazy book now and you can TOTALLY BUY IT and it’s a totally gorgeous, high-quality book. It’s got all the good Lazy’s in it as well as a few extra comics from the past few years.

I freaking love Zumba, even though I am dead now